Mold & Well Water Sampling

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Get a Professional Mold Inspection in Newnan, GA

Mold is a type of fungus found almost everywhere, especially in wet spots. It can cause some structural damage to your home and affect your health. Give us a call today to schedule a mold inspection in Newnan, GA. You can also get water well inspection directly from a certified professional
Your Reliable Mold Inspectors

At All Alert Home Inspections, we are your number one source of mold inspection services in the local area. Mold can quickly become a problem, which is why we offer fast, reliable inspections to identify the affected area and provide you with information about effective mold removal options. We’re committed to your satisfaction and want to protect your health and loved ones.

Need Water Well Inspection?

Our dependable inspectors can also identify issues with your well and the water on it. We’ll take samples of your well water and verify if it’s healthy and safe for your daily usage. Our experts use superior products and equipment to provide you with reliable information. Request our services to determine if your well is working correctly at all times.

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Whether you need a mold inspection or help with your well, our team is ready to assist you.

You only need to call us to request more information or schedule a service. As a locally owned and operated business, we offer quality solutions and honest prices for everyone in and around Newnan, GA.

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